C'est la vie

Rana. I'm teenager who dreams still dreams about getting her acceptance letter from Hogwarts, entering Narnia and riding the Dawn Treader with King Caspian, waking up to Prince Philip's true love kiss, flying a magic carpet with Aladdin, singing with the members of New Directions, being a part of King Arthur's Round Table, joining the student's insurrection with Marius and Enjolras, becoming a part of the Corleone family, get bitten by an insect or hit by an electromagnetic wave and become a superhero, and becoming as rich as Oprah. I LOVE movies. Old and New. I listen to any kind of music. I hate liars, people who think that they're better than everyone and people with huge egos. I love hott actors and male models (I already have a long list of husbands). I also follow back! HAHA =))